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“Bushi-no-Nasake” Gentleness of the warrior



GO: A Japanese word meaning hardness and action, the opposite of ju, related in effect to,

Ying-Yang. It is the concept that led to the development of the hard striking styles of the martial arts.


JU: A Japanese word meaning softness and

yielding, the opposite of go, as existing in

Ying- Yang. It refers to the flexibility of both

mind and body and is the essence of turning

the opponents own momentum against them.


KI: Refers to the life force or vital energy of

life, which unites all things. It is more than

just personal energy and can make one more

powerful than physical strength alone can. It

is thought that ones ki is reflected in the

personality and outward actions and is

therefore a reflection of the ‘inner person’.

Jitsu: A term used to indicate a style or school of martial arts that emphasise the force of that particular art and its combat effectiveness.

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